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janna marlies maron

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writing workshops

You write personal stories, but you're not sure what to call them. You've drafted a memoir or a collection of essays, and you're looking for a safe place to share them and get feedback. You're looking for a community of creative nonfiction writers. I offer six-week creative nonfiction writing workshops in Sacramento, CA & online.

editorial support

You need help managing your editorial calendar and meeting your production deadlines. You need ideas on aligning your multiple channels. You have draft one of a nonfiction manuscript and you're not sure what to do with it. I can help with editorial content management, and select projects for developmental & copy editing.

magazine publishing

You're looking for a place to submit your creative nonfiction writing for publication. You want to read a magazine that publishes true, personal stories alongside visual art. Look no further than Under the Gum Tree, a quarterly magazine that publishes true stories told without shame. Digital and print subscriptions available.

office hours

You need to talk through the structure of your essay/book/manuscript. You need a strategy brainstorming session. You want to chat about food as medicine and changing your diet with someone who's been there. Sure! I can do all of those things during what I call my office hours. Book a 1-hour phone call/skype meeting with me.

what people have said about my work

“I generally have no problem writing, and despite the timeless need for copyediting, I don’t often need much editing. I’ve been in this game for nearly 40 years. On the one occasion in recent memory when I was really, truly STUCK, I was fortunate enough to be in the patient, imperturbable care of Janna Marlies Maron. She was able to ride out my mood swings, delays and radical changes of approach (and even topic!), and find what worked amid the mess. We ended up with a piece that was far better than it had any right to be. I recommend her highly. ”


David Watts Barton

Author, Journalist & Multimedia Professional

“I loved Janna’s CNF201 Workshop. It’s exactly what I’ve been looking for–thoughtful feedback from other creative nonfiction writers. Very helpful! I would recommend this workshop to anyone who’s interested in digging in to their creative nonfiction writing.”


Kneece Camp Sasser

Workshop Participant

“We hired Janna to write and edit pieces of the Arden Hills Resort & Spa quarterly publication. She was a dream to work with–from initial concepts to final execution. I appreciated her ability to work within our budget to produce a publication we were so proud to release. You can expect that Janna will offer creative ideas, smart editing, and a punctual return on your product.”


Lesley Miller

Writer & PR Strategist

“In editing a highly sensitive and complex manuscript with Janna, I could not have been more impressed by her warm compassion, gentle touch and devoted work ethic. Her editing instincts are keen and admirable both at a developmental level as well as a detail level (copy and line editing). The manuscript’s author was wildly impressed with Janna’s open approach, engaging personality and trustworthy character. I was thrilled to have Janna as an editor colleague on that project and look forward to working with her again on future manuscripts.”


Matt Gartland

Founder & Editor, Winning Edits