Wear the red boots.

20140307_041 WEBI used to be afraid to wear the red boots. Actually, I used to be afraid to do a lot of things: walk the 1 mile to high school alone, try out for basketball, get my own apartment and live without roommates. I also used to say “no” to avoid feeling uncomfortable. If I didn’t know anyone at the party, I’d send my regrets. If I couldn’t find a friend to go with me to yoga, I simply didn’t go–even though learning yoga was a New Year’s resolution. And I certainly never wore the red boots.

Sound crazy or familiar? If it sounds familiar, then you’re in good company. I write about the importance of intentionally looking for ways to be true to yourself, living the life you were meant to live instead of the one that someone else prescribes for you. Often those prescribed expectations–of parents, teachers, coaches, pastors–keep us from being our true self because we’re so afraid of what might happen.

I write because now I wear the red boots.

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